Barry Fowler said: “It is very sad the way that women ignore their pelvic floor exercises and criminal that the consequences of doing so have never been fully explained to them. The lack of correct training by health professionals and the lack of regular effective exercise by the vast majority of women is the cause of so much unhappiness and frustration in millions of relationships.”

“In addition to stress incontinence, the sexual satisfaction of both partners is reduced when the pelvic floor muscles slacken as a result of childbirth, menopause or a lack of effective exercise.” 

(“We have a lot of men who say “I can have sex, but don’t want to; it’s not rewarding””, Peter Bell, Relate, 2008). 

“Every effective form of exercise involves working against a resistive force such as the body’s weight or a barbell. The pelvic floor muscle is no different, so why are women encouraged to squeeze against thin air? It’s futile and ineffective, and because of the lack of immediate noticeable improvements women soon lose the incentive to exercise and give up.”

“The link between the strength of the pelvic floor muscles and the ability of a woman to achieve orgasm has been known for nearly 60 years. It was in 1952 that Arnold Kegel demonstrated that women who thought they were sexually dysfunctional could achieve an orgasm for the first time when trained in resistive exercise.” 

“The 2008 Orgasm Survey ( is a light-hearted way to increase awareness of the sexual benefits of effective pelvic floor exercises and will hopefully bring more joy to millions of bedrooms.” 

“In a pilot study, over 80% of respondents who had been using the PelvicToner vaginal exerciser said that their sex lives improved within 4 weeks and over 60% even said that their partner noticed an improvement in their muscle tone. When the vaginal muscles are tighter, and can be squeezed at will, it is inevitable that both partners will get more physical contact and greater sexual enjoyment!”

 “In February 2008 Emmanuelle Jannini, an Italian scientist working with ultrasound, claimed that women without a visible G-spot do not have vaginal orgasms. I believe his work is totally consistent with that of Kegel” 

“Effective pelvic floor exercise helps develop muscles which improves blood flow and increases the number of nerve endings. Active resistance exercise also helps build the neural pathways between the brain and the vagina which, as any sex therapist will confirm, leads to more frequent orgasms of greater intensity! We hope that thousands of women will be able to confirm this for themselves and, when they complete the Orgasm Survey after using the PelvicToner, the evidence will there for all to share”.

 “We have demonstrated that using the PelvicToner vaginal exerciser helps women identify and isolate the correct muscles and then exercise them effectively against a resistance that can be increased as their muscle strength improves."

 “With regular PelvicToner exercises many thousands of women will be also spared the embarrassment of stress incontinence.” 

Barry Fowler is Managing Director of SPM Ltd and developed the PelvicToner for manufacture in the UK. For a transcript of a recent interview click here

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